Meet Maggie’s Donut Shop

While at first you might wonder if a member of the Youth Community Mission Team decided to set up her own donut shop, the truth is that we have been enjoying Maggie’s Donuts here in Hiram, Ohio all week long! Each day, one work team (a group of youth and adults) has walked over to Maggie’s to check out the delicious treats there… and for good reason!

The owners of Maggie’s are dedicated to providing jobs for developmentally disabled people who are seeking more independent employment than that offered by Hiram Farm, so this is a great opportunity to see those who have “graduated” from the Farm to more independent work! Plus, donuts!

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Learn Along With Us

At Hiram Farm this week, the YC mission team has been working alongside farmers with developmental disabilities. Although the farmers at Hiram Farm have a variety of disabilities and vary in how independent they are, many of the farmers are autistic. At our orientation on Monday and at a debriefing each work day, the team has been learning more about autism.

To learn along with us, check out the resources at!

CHICKENS! (and other less important things…)

One of the most popular activities on the farm is chasing chickens! Chickens are one of the kinds of animals that the farmers at Hiram Farm raise, providing both an ongoing egg harvest and meat to sell alongside the beef cattle and pork.

Our first day of work included a lot of weeding and painting and planting and even cleaning our the chicken coop… and lots of chicken chasing!

Learn More about Hiram Farm!

This week (June 19-25, 2022), the Youth Community from First Church of Lombard is heading just southeast of Cleveland to Hiram, Ohio to work at Hiram Farm!

Hiram Farm is a community project born out of the desire to provide inspiration and meaningful work for the individual growth of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities.

Hiram Farm is an independent, non-profit social service organization related to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). This organic farm is located on 120 acres on the southwest corner of Rt. 82 and Rt. 700 in Hiram, Ohio.

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